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Building on a foundation of faith,
family, and community

Thank you for your interest in Beautiful Saviour Lutheran High School. Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School has been providing quality education in a safe, caring, and family-like atmosphere for Kindergarten to Grade 8 for over 25 years. Our purpose is to provide a Christ-centered education for students, so that they may grow spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically, and socially to become strong, confident, and competent adults.

Two years ago, our school board began to plan the next 25-year journey for BSLS and revisited the original concept to add high school grades. Our vision was anchored around the desire to provide an excellent academic program, that would go beyond the basics, offering unique, interest-based curriculum options to prepare our students for the future, including their university years. After much planning and preparations our original dream is becoming a reality!

Over the next four years we will be adding one grade per academic school year.

  • Grade 9: 2024/2025
  • Grade 10: 2025/2026
  • Grade 11: 2026/2027
  • Grade 12: 2027/2028

If you would like more details on our high school expansion plan, including information about future renovation and building projects, please email


At Beautiful Savior Lutheran School (BSLS), we value the uniqueness of each individual child and their contributions to our learning environment. There are diverse opportunities for each child to develop their individual gifts through growth in academics, relationships, and faith. We pride ourselves on character development, high academic standards and hold one another accountable in the pursuit of excellence. The relationships we form are built on a strong foundation of honesty and trust, which creates a safe, warm, loving, and Christian environment for our students.

We provide a broad-based curriculum, recognizing the whole person. Areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) are core features of our curriculum. There is an inherent recognition of individual interests and how they can be used to shape learning opportunities. As a cognitive enhancement tool, music instruction is offered daily to enhance brain development. Options to pursue strings, concert band or guitar are available in high school.

We strive to support our students in becoming pillars of the community, where their servant heart extends to those in need.

Let your light shine at Beautiful Saviour!

Jennifer McCrea

The BSLS Difference

Dedicated Teachers and Staff

Teachers & Staff

Value Based Learning


Beyond Basic Curriculums

Beyond Basics

Nurturing Individual Talents & Gifts
Nurturing Individual
Talents & Gifts
Safe and Compassionate Community
Safe & Compassionate

High School Program Highlights

Our high school curriculum is taught in accordance with Manitoba Department of Education and the Faculty is fully accredited and experienced. The class sizes are small, allowing for individualized and specific attention to each student. While there are many aspects that make our high school program unique and beyond the basics, below are a few highlights.

Mission Trips

Canadian & International Mission Trips

Our Canadian and international mission trips will play a pivotal role in broadening our high school students’ perspectives and fostering a sense of global citizenship. Through participation, students not only contribute to community development projects but also gain valuable insights into diverse cultures, socio-economic realities, and global challenges. Often, these mission trips encourage collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills as students work together to address real-world issues. Overall, these experiences serve as transformative educational tools, while inspiring a commitment to making positive contributions to our world.

Arts Education

Arts Education: Music, Drama & Visual Art

The Arts Education holds a profound significance within the school curriculum as it plays a multifaceted role in nurturing the holistic development of students. Beyond imparting technical skills in visual arts, music, and theater, arts education fosters creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and improves emotional balance. Furthermore, participation in the arts enhances cognitive skills, such as concentration and memory, and promotes collaboration through group projects and performances. Arts education has been linked to improved academic performance and social development, making it an integral component of a well-rounded education.

Technology Education


The innovative technology courses offered to BSLS students in grades 9-12 are designed to align seamlessly with the curriculum while fostering a dynamic and forward-thinking learning environment. These courses not only provide hands-on experience but also emphasize critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity—key components in preparing students for the evolving technological landscape. Through these innovative technology courses, BSLS will ensure that students are not just consumers of technology but active contributors and innovators in our increasingly digital world.

For more details and information on the BSLS high school curriculum,
please email Jenn McCrea at


When you go to BSLS, there is a sense of joy in everything you do.  I’m treated like a family member, and everyone is kind to one another. The teachers at BSLS are wonderful and exciting.  It really is a great school!

Caleb S.
Current BSLS Grade 8 student

Come for a Visit

Come visit us in person and experience the BSLS difference yourself!
There are a couple of different ways to connect with us in person.

Open Houses

Open Houses

Open Houses provide you the freedom to explore our Birchdale Campus and learn about our academic programs and extra-curriculum offerings, while getting the opportunity to meet faculty and staff, all at your own pace!

January 18, 2024 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
February 8, 2024 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Schedule a Tour

Schedule a Tour

We offer personalized tours through our programs to allow discussion and questions to be geared to your specific family and child. Schedule a tour today by contacting our Admissions Coordinator, Heather English at:

Tel: 204-984-9600 ext. 4

Grade 9 Students
Grade 9 Students

Grade 9 Student Referral Program

The trust and confidence that our BSLS families put in us means a great deal, and in appreciation for this, we are introducing the Grade 9 Student Referral Program, for the 2024/2025 academic year. Did you know that nearly 60% of families learn about an independent school through personal connections? Help students and families you may know experience a quality education in a safe, caring, and family-like atmosphere by recommending BSLS for their high school education.

When you refer a new Grade 9 student to BSLS and they register for the 2024/2025 school year, both you and the new student will receive a $300 tuition credit. There is no limit to the number of students you can refer.


If the Grade 9 student you referred registers for the 2024/2025 school year by March 1, 2024, both you and your referral will be entered to win an additional $150 tuition credit.

  • The Grade 9 Student Referral Program is open to all parents or legal guardians of students enrolled at BSLS (Preschool to Grade 9).
  • Tuition credits will be given for referring new Grade 9 students to BSLS (does not include students who are currently in Grade 8 at BSLS).
  • To qualify, referrals must be acknowledged by the new students during the application process. To receive a tuition credit, the referring student/family must complete and sign the Grade 9 Student Referral Form during the enrollment process and submit to the BSLS office.
  • To qualify, the new student must remain in good standing with the school for at least 30 days after their start date.
  • The referred family must follow the regular enrollment process. The final decision for student acceptance rests with BSLS administration.
  • Tuition credits hold no cash value, are non-refundable, and are not eligible for tax receipts.
  • At the referring families’ discretion, the tuition credits can be designated to another student’s tuition.
  • There is no limit to the number of student referrals that you can submit.
  • Tuition credits will be applied to both the referring and referred family in October.
  • The Grade 9 Student Referral Program is subject to review or suspension at any time. Interpretation of program parameters will be at the discretion of the BSLS.
  • Grade 9 Student Referral Program Forms are available at the BSLS School office or download the Grade 9 Student Referral Program Form here.


For questions about the Grade 9 Student Referral Program, please contact Heather English, our admissions coordinator at or 204-984-9600 ext. 4.

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